Learn more about kitesurfing in Mauritius

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Learn more about kitesurfing in Mauritius

Kitesurfing in Germany during the summer? No problem. Most of us know this already. We go to the Baltic or the North Sea, lakes, and rivers. Even during the winter, some of us still go kitesurfing, despite the cold water and weather, the rain, and the harsh wind conditions. We put on warmer wetsuits and still enjoy a short session. But what if, despite everything, you long for the rustle of palm trees, turquoise water, and ideal wave spots? Just imagine the tropical winter in Mauritius, the magical pearl in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Yes, some of us are simply good weather kiters, and that is completely fine too. We then seek the heat on our skin rather than frozen noses. 

Just imagine it: Standing in Mauritius, the sun warming your skin, the kite pulling at you, and the water tingling at your feet. Yes, we can see it clearly and are ready to learn more about Mauritius – to escape to the warm paradise. 
Would you like that as well? Then learn more about the benefits and most exciting details of kitesurfing in Mauritius in this article and escape to a fantasy land for just a few minutes. Then, let Jule Flormann tell you some good-to-know facts about her favorite place on earth.

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All about kitesurfing in the waves of Mauritius

Mauritius offers water mountains from small to big, from the Small Reef with mostly knee-high waves for beginners to the famous One Eye wave (which impresses with up to 6 meters on big days). The outer reef called Manawa, which is about 2 km away from the land, provides clean waves between 3-5 meters high. Here, all experienced wave boarders can let off some steam. I loved this place as, from my experience, this spot truly has the friendliest and most like-minded people. If you need help with anything, they are sure to be by your side. 

My tip for all adrenaline junkies: a little further downwind, the mighty waves of the One Eye roll in. It is not very far from the water surface to the reef below. Therefore, be sure of your skills so that you will not encounter the rocks afterward. The tides have a significant influence on whether the fins will bump the reef. Maybe check out the board on the spot before going in the water because you can also read how many rupees you would have to pay for a lifeboat action there. However, remember that in extreme conditions, even the boat can no longer go behind the reef.

Waveriding in Mauritius
Image by @marcel_wuerfel

Learn more about our favorite kite spot:
‘Le Morne’

Our favorite spot, Le Morne, is in the southwest of the island, directly at the famous mountain Brabant. Here the wind blows side-shore from the left, and a massive lagoon with flat water inside the reef edge makes the hearts of all freestylers beat faster. From May to the end of September, there is a thick wind yield and waves for everyone. Especially for beginners, it is straightforward to learn kitesurfing in Mauritius.

Kitesurfing in Mauritius
Image by @jule_flm

Learn kitesurfing with the right kite gear

When it comes to clothing, a long neoprene in 3/2 is recommended, especially for those who take advantage of every second on the water, as the combination of wind and wetness can get a bit nippy. The temperatures on the island are around 22 °C in water and 24 °C in air. You can wear a shorty on sunny days and with light wind. Neoprene shoes are recommended because the feet can catch one or other nasty coral or some reef. With kites between 7 and 12 square meters, depending on weight and preference for wave or lagoon, you can catch every wind day. 

Your Perfect Package

Mauritius Edition
90 + Subscription Fee = Monthly
  • Core - Ripper 4
  • Core - Nexus 3
  • Core - Sensor 3

Things to do on no wind days

Mauritius is also well-equipped for no-wind days with its beautiful nature and landscape. Coasts, beaches, waterfalls, or the famous seven-colored earth are worth a visit. If you like it a little sportier on your no-wind days, it is worthwhile to climb the Brabant, from which you can overlook the entire lagoon and the offshore reef edge of the island. Finally, if you like a bit of company, you can take a boat trip starting from Tamarin and join the dolphins in the water.

Our secret tip is snorkeling with the sperm whales who live in Mauritius. It’s an experience you won’t forget.

We recommend a rental car for exploring the island and getting to the spot (be careful, left-hand traffic!) There are a few hotels near the water. However, you can also look for accommodation in La Gaulette, about 10 minutes away by car. Additionally, there are a few small restaurants, surf stores, and a supermarket. Finally, for refreshments between sessions, you can get local food from the truck right at the front of the spot with small treats and a fruit stand, including, among other things, ready-filleted pineapple with salt and chili. You should try them for sure!


Mauritius is a multi-spot for kiting with excellent wind conditions, perfect conditions for beginners, freestylers, and waveboard fans with wave sizes for every taste. Our absolute recommendation is to spend a ˋbetter summer’ in paradise.

Have you ever been kitesurfing in Mauritius? 

Let us know how your experience was in the comment section. Maybe you have some interesting facts for us that we have been missing. 

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