Kite Subscription


It’s that easy! Your Kite subscription is compiled as follows:

your personal kite gear and accessories.

your desired leasing duration between 3 and 24 months.

your personal kite subscription is ready to go!


We’ve made it simple – Just fill in the ‘Let’s Talk’ form on our website. Afterwards you will receive an email where you can choose a time slot for a call with us. In this call we will identify together what you need and talk you through the process. When you agree to your personalized product scope and duration, you just need to confirm your order, and we will ship your gear directly to your door.
Don’t worry about that! Your most wanted kite gear comes with our Salty Lemon Insurance which covers kites, bars, and boards. You can simply grab your stuff, pump up your kite and start your session. If something gets stolen, get in contact with the local police and send us the investigation report. And if something breaks, all you need is to get in contact with us. We will help you fix it, replace it or whatever is needed to bring you back on the water as soon as possible. Only a deductible of 10% of the damage or loss value will apply per repair or replacement to your account.
Tired of carrying your kite gear around? Fed up with huge luggage fees for your flights? Anxious about losses or damages during your transfer? Welcome to Salty Lemon’s Pick n Kite. With us, you can leave your kite equipment at home and simply travel to the best kite spots around the world – only take your hand luggage. We will provide the latest gear at the spot, and simply enjoy your time on the water. No hassles. No admin. Pure enjoyment. Just tell us 14 days in advance. We will take care of the rest and you fly relaxed to your next kite destination.
You don’t want to be stuck with your equipment during your leasing duration? You want to swap to a smaller board or from twintip to surfboard? You need a different kite range for your upcoming kite adventure? No problem! With our swap options, you can adjust your gear accordingly to your skills and needs. Just contact our customer service. Tell us what you would like to swap, and we will arrange the rest. Your new kite or board will be delivered straight to your door step.
Within your Salty Lemon subscription, everything is possible. Just reach out to our customer service. We will handle it for you. The cost of these benefits are the following:
– Pick n Kite: 80€ per Day
– Board Swap: 75€ per Swap
– Kite Swap: 75€ per Swap