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Salty Lemon stands for an adventure-filled life. Enriched with marvellous moments that taste like sea salt, feel like goose bumps and look like hair tousled by wind and weather. But Salty Lemon is more than just a philosophy or a feeling. It’s an opportunity to make kitesurfing more accessible and easier, while living the passion of kitesurfing to the fullest and inspiring even the most enthusiastic water sports enthusiasts. You ask, how does that look?

It’s simple: kite equipment subscription from Salty Lemon.

From kiters for kiters

With infinite love for sport



the Crew

Won't miss a windy session

Timo, the charismatic founder, CFO, and COO, is a master at orchestrating seamless operations, ensuring that every project comes to life punctually. As everyone's favorite, customers adore his charming nature, and he's always ready for a quick session to keep the energy flowing.
Stefan, the visionary founder, is a versatile force behind the scenes, seamlessly juggling marketing, HR, legal, accounting, and backend operations, while his entrepreneurial spirit thrives on embracing fresh business ideas with an open mind.
Emilia, the radiant social media and community manager, harnesses the power of digital platforms to cultivate vibrant online communities and spread warmth through her sunny disposition.
Dom, our multi-talented sales agent, kite instructor, and coding wizard, brings a delightful blend of expertise, humor, and a zest for adventure honed through years of snowboarding, making every interaction a joyous experience.

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     Salty Lemon GmbH

    Feldbrunnenstraße 7

     20148 Hamburg