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Business kite serving: boost your business into new heights

With our business products, you will act as a lighthouse and attract high potentials, stimulate team bonding and outside the box thinking.

Employee Benefits

Do your Gen Z employees not care about the benefits your company offers?

Well, then welcome to our company kite product! Allow your employees to kite with the latest equipment and an out of this world service.

Not only will you have happy, healthy employees, but you’ll be strengthening your employment relationship and effectively lowering employee fluctuation rate.

And the best is: it’s within the monthly tax exemption limit.

Business events

Are you looking for visionary concepts and ideas for your next workshop or brainstorming session?

With our tailored events we are setting new standards combining work, team building and surfing. Our innovative framework will empower out-of-the-box thinking and the creation of visionary ideas.

Business booster

You already provide a high-class service to your customers, but are you missing the little extra piece to spice things up in the modern business world?

Stand out from your competitors by equipping your customers with premium kite gear while they’re on vacation to get the most out of their time when they go along with a booking of yours.

Salty Lemon offers you a hassle-free service that you can just pass on to your clients.

Fresh winds within your business

Corporate kites with Salty Lemon

The benefits of working with Salty Lemon as a partner

Fresh winds for your business

Let us be your wingman, empowering your employer branding.

Breaking boundaries

Kitesurfing enables you to step out of your comfort zone. Take new paths and think outside of the box.
Connect with the elements of nature and learn the flexibility of dealing with changes constantly. It tests your time, stress and crisis management, conflict resolution and enables innovative strength.

Full-service support

Don’t worry about damage, losses, or missing expertise.
We are your experts and have your back – providing a full and hassle-free service, on and off the water.

Frontrunner within New Work 4.0

Do your employees work remotely? Upgrade their time abroad with a sport, they can literally do wherever the wind is blowing.

Healthy employees

Boost the mental health and well-being of your employees and act as a pioneer in terms of benefits.
Attract and retain talents with this amazing opportunity of an Olympic sport, just entering the mass market.

Flexible and individual

We’re offering you an individual solution tailored to your special needs and requirements.

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We look forward to hearing from you!

Welcome to Salty Lemon

Hey there, thrill-seeker! Thanks for joining our community. Prepare to ride the waves of change with us and experience the sport like never before. Stay tuned for exhilarating updates, offers, and more!


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