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Kitesurfing in Sicily


Kitesurfing in Sicily

Discover the allure of kitesurfing in Sicily! From the renowned Lo Stagnone lagoon to the delectable Italian treats awaiting you at the spot, this guide covers everything. Whether you're a beginner seeking perfect conditions or an experienced kiter chasing adrenaline, Sicily offers an unforgettable experience. Dive into the waves and savor La Dolce Vita in this kitesurfing paradise.

Kitesurfing in Sicily

Kite Spot Check


La Stagnone

Best time

April – October

Riding Level

Starting at beginner level

Water temperatures

ø 19,75 °C

Kite sizes to use

7, 9, 12 & Lightwind kites

Best WInd Direction

 Southwest & Northwest

Delicious pizza, refreshing Aperol and a vast shallow water lagoon - La Dolce Vita is calling

The Southern Italian devotion to food and life will also inspire you when practicing new tricks. How? Find out about kitesurfing in Sicily in this article.

Spot Insights

The famous Lo Stagnone lagoon on the west side of the island of Sicily offers the best conditions for beginners. Exciting downwinders, secret wave spots, and the 30-40 knot Scirocco make Sicily a rewarding destination for experienced kiters.

A kite break in southern Europe is particularly suitable for the classical “week-long trips.” One can escape the grey weather and the dreary office routine with a 2-hour flight to Palermo.

If you love Mother Earth and can call a camper your own, you should consider taking the ferry from Genoa for a two-week trip. The travel time from southern Germany to Genoa is manageable, and a 24-hour ferry ride without internet allows one to arrive at oneself during the journey truly.

Whether in a rental car or a campervan, arriving at the lagoon takes some getting used to. Every meter of the kilometer-long lagoon access is private land, which makes entry fees of 6-20€ (including parking) completely normal. At the same time, the kite station staff will warmly welcome you, have sanitary facilities on-site, and you can usually enjoy delicious Italian snacks right at the spot.

So set up your kite, drink an espresso, and off you go. In summer, you don’t even need a wetsuit. In the pre-and postseason (April – June & September – October), it’s recommended to wear a 3/2mm, and if you tend to feel cold quickly, opt for a 5/3mm.

A large part of the lagoon is knee- to waist-deep. Therefore, Lo Stagnone suits beginners as well as freestyle and freeride enthusiasts.

During a session in the lagoon, the kite of choice is often between 9 and 12 square meters. At the same time, kites between 7 and 9 square meters allow you to fully enjoy the strong Scirocco (southeast wind) allowing to shoot across the mirror-like water towards the moon. Additionally, on sunny, seemingly windless days, with a light wind kite at the onset of the thermals (usually from the north) between 10 and 12 o’clock, you might already be on the water while everyone else waits for the thermal peak between 2 and 4 o’clock.

For those who love waves with east or northeast winds, which are offshore at the lagoon but still kiteable due to the shallow water, you can head to San Vito lo Capo. A magnificent beach with turquoise water invites you to carve through the waves after about an hour’s drive. On windless days, a trip to San Vito lo Capo is worthwhile for splashing around and hiking the surrounding hills.

If your body feels sore after many sessions, on a windless day it’s worth detouring the free thermal baths of Segesta. Located halfway between Lo Stagnone and Palermo, you can bathe and relax your kite-weary body in the natural hot springs. (=

Regardless of the wind, you can definitely look forward to one thing: the food. After a great session in the sunset, eating pizza, local arancini, or pasta and sipping Italian cappuccino between sessions make Sicily so unique.

The joy of eating and the associated tranquility also affect kiteboarding: Suddenly, you find yourself landing tricks that were previously challenging, feeling content and relaxed.

Finding the perfect kite

In Sicily, I finally experienced what it means to find the kite that suits you perfectly.

I’ve been flying my kites and having a blast with them for a long time. During a session in Lo Stagnone, a friend wanted to try my kite, and I was eager to try his. The shallow water, stable wind, and ample space in the preseason made it easy to swap kites on the water. I had been eyeing my friend’s model for a while and was excited to try his 9-meter kite in ideal 22-knot conditions.

It was love at first power dive. I landed tricks I had been practicing for ages and dared maneuvers I had only dreamed of before. As the sun kissed the Mediterranean behind me, casting a beautiful glow over the Sicilian landscape, friends cheered at the launch site with every maneuver. The connection between the kite and me was palpable on land as well.

I love this connection between what’s happening on the water and the people on land at Lo Stagnone, and it made the session with my soul kite even more special. Unfortunately, I never flew the kite again afterward, but I’m sure we’ll meet again one day!

I highly recommend this place to others who are passionate about kiteboarding. The combination of perfect conditions, breathtaking scenery, and camaraderie among fellow kiters make Lo Stagnone an unforgettable destination.

Spot Talk

Skill Level

Starting at beginner level 


Freestyle, Freeride

Safety Hazards

Other kiter, anchored boats, some gusty spots


Shallow water with opportunities for deep water


Not available except at the deep water spots

No Wind Days

Boattrips, hot spas, beach days

Our recommendations

After kitesurfing:

Sip a delicious cappuccino, drink an Aperol Spritz or eat one of the many Italian delicacies such as pizza or pasta

Things to do:

Boat trip to Favignana; Hot thermal baths in Segesta; Beach day in San Vito lo Capo


Best fly to Palermo; from southern GER you can easily drive to Genova & take ferry from there


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