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Airbus and Salty Lemon: Elevating Kitesurfing Together


Airbus and Salty Lemon: Elevating Kitesurfing Together

Join the wave of innovation as the Airbus Sports Community and Salty Lemon unite, transforming the kitesurfing scene. With their dynamic partnership, they're setting new standards in sports communities, offering unparalleled support, equipment, and events for watersports enthusiasts. Discover how this collaboration is not just about sports, but about fostering team spirit, individual growth, and unforgettable experiences on the water.

Airbus and Salty Lemon: Elevating Kitesurfing Together

The Airbus Sports Community Now Gives Members Wings on the Water

Exciting news for all kitesurf enthusiasts: Salty Lemon and the Airbus Sports Community Hamburg e.V. have launched a dynamic partnership. This connection is more than a business agreement – it is the fusion of passion for kitesurfing, spirit of innovation, and communal fun. 

At Salty Lemon, we are dedicated to empowering sports enthusiasts to pursue their passion. “Our goal is to provide a platform that enables our members to fully indulge in their passion for kitesurfing while creating unforgettable moments. With our innovative subscription model for kitesurfing equipment, we aim to remove barriers and provide comprehensive support to our customers, empowering them to excel in their sport,” says Stefan Hain, co-founder of Salty Lemon. 

Airbus, a company known for its groundbreaking achievements in the skies, is now exploring the fascination of the sea with the Airbus Sports Community. The significance of kitesurfing for team spirit and individual development has been recognized by Airbus, and the partnership between the sports community and Salty Lemon is a logical step forward. 

Chris-Oliver Mau, Head of Surf and Kite at Airbus Sports Community Hamburg e.V., plays a vital role in this partnership. He explains: “Our goal is to build a community for all watersports enthusiasts. We are open to everyone—from Airbus employees to their families and friends. We want to create an active and supportive community that has fun together on the water. And to get closer to this goal, we are delighted to have found a reliable partner in Salty Lemon.” 

 Timo Rogge, also co-founder of Salty Lemon, is enthusiastic about the new cooperation as well: “Chris has been a loyal customer of ours for almost two years. Through our service and encounters, while kiting, we got to know and appreciate Chris better. We are all the more pleased that we have launched this partnership with Chris to offer a product & service package tailored to the Airbus Sports Community. This is a real highlight for us. In this way, we enable more clients and corporate customers to support them in practicing watersports and thus offer them extraordinary experiences on the water.” 

The Handover of the Equipment – A Sociable Celebration:

A special moment was the handover of the kitesurfing equipment to the Airbus Sports Community during the joint Christmas party at the Salty Lemon office building in December 2023. It wasn’t just the equipment handed over in a warm and relaxed atmosphere, enhanced by the smell of barbecue, mulled wine, and freshly mixed gin and tonics. It was an evening full of laughter and good conversations. The foundation for this partnership was laid with the outfitting of the Airbus company sports. 

Moreover, the collaboration is set to blossom with joint events, training programs, and employee team-building activities. The partnership between Salty Lemon and Airbus Sports is a testament to how shared values and passion can bridge seemingly different worlds. We are thrilled and eagerly anticipate all the exciting ventures that lie ahead! 

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