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Salty Rider Program

We from Salty Lemon are a young company that has made it its mission to break the barriers created around the kitesurfing sport while making it more comfortable and accessible to everyone. To spread that message, we are in need for creative minds who know their way around the kitesurfing-sport.

We firmly believe everyone’s goal should be to collect moments, not things. For us, this is most likely to happen on the water when a stiff breeze blows around our noses, and we are pulled by our kites deep into the horizon.

Since there is hardly anything more ravishing for us than to share these moments with others, we have made it our mission to make kitesurfing more accessible to everyone.

The watersports community is infinitely welcoming, but the kite sport is full of barriers. Barriers like high upfront-investments, time-consuming research, maintenance and acquisition of materials. We want to give our fellow kitesurfers a chance to enjoy the sport with all its benefits and without the stress of the admin. That’s why we take over the hurdle of the upfront investment and quality assurance, advise which kite materials would fit best, and take away the strain of resale.

With us, you create your perfect kite package subscription easy-going via a phone call with Dani or Timo, and we send you everything you want.

We want you to stop just dreaming about collecting moments.

We want you to live the moments.

To live them, like we do.

The Salty Lemon way.


You want to represent the modern art of kitesurfing?
Join our Salty Family and ride with us the next wave!

Support us by becoming a Salty Rider and sharing our philosophy, values and passion on social media.


  • You receive kite equipment from brands like Core, North and Kold Shapes throughout our cooperation
  • You become part of the Salty community and, therefore, part of the Salty lifestyle
  • Take part in our events and support us with your energy. Let’s go kitesurfing together and build a trustful and strong community
  • Create new content with our kite materials and use your work freely
  • Receive an Affiliate Code
  • Use the Swap Option for free, according to the agreement terms
  • Start collecting moments, not things
Salty Rider Program


  • Passionate kitesurfer
  • Extroverted and open personalities
  • Adventurous people
  • Nature lovers
  • Moment seeker
  • Authentic and transparent bloggers, photographers or videographers with at least 1k authentic followers on Instagram
  • Content creators who are interested in creating good stories, images, videos, and reels


  • Immortalize your Salty Moments as videos, photos, blog posts or else
  • Be yourself – show your self-confident & natural charisma
  • Offer us & your community varied, original content
  • Tell stories that motivate others to go kitesurfing
  • Spread the news – Salty Lemon, the Lifestyle brand for kitesurfing
  • Show your user experience with our products and unique service.


Once we have verified your registration, you will become part of our Salty community. We'll have a first 'Virtual Get Together' to get to know each other & then you'll be on your way as a Salty Ambassador!

But before it gets salty, here are a few guidelines we'd like you to follow - we'd like you to identify with our brand and service 2-3 times a month on your social media channels. What does your Salty Moment look like? Why support the new way of kitesurfing?

Talk about it - authentic, relaxed, convincing and always be yourself!

Stay Salty!

Welcome to Salty Lemon

Hey there, thrill-seeker! Thanks for joining our community. Prepare to ride the waves of change with us and experience the sport like never before. Stay tuned for exhilarating updates, offers, and more!


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