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We Are Salty Lemon

Get to know how it all started and who is part of the crew

How was Salty Lemon Born?

We are Stefan and Timo.

From a young age, we’ve grown to love the water – we sailed and surfed our way around the world long before we looked to make a business based out of it. But, as everyone does, while sitting at the desks of our corporate jobs, we began dreaming a freer life, one filled with more beaches and fewer offices.

We developed an interesting business idea which we presented to future Salty Lemon team members, Katherine and Marcel, who helped us refine what Salty Lemon is all about. Our passion was red-hot, to the point where Timo quit his corporate job before ever having harnessed up to kitesurf!

What was the idea?

Times have changed. You don’t want to own things, you want to use and enjoy them. Owning means maintaining, huge upfront investments, and long-term commitments.

Salty Lemon cuts that out completely – we give you the chance to rent with no upfront investment, no hassle of finding buyers when you want to upgrade, and the flexibility to always have the latest gear. Enjoying life means spending more time on the water than worrying about admin, after all.

Because of our deep love for the ocean, we’ve integrated environmentally friendly and sustainable business practices into who Salty Lemon is to help keep the world’s beaches clean, our oceans plastic-free, and the marine life protected.

Salty Lemon’s story is just beginning, be sure to follow the exciting things to come!

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Welcome to Salty Lemon

Hey there, thrill-seeker! Thanks for joining our community. Prepare to ride the waves of change with us and experience the sport like never before. Stay tuned for exhilarating updates, offers, and more!


     Salty Lemon GmbH

    Feldbrunnenstraße 7

     20148 Hamburg