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Fresh kitesurfing winds for Corporate Benefits


Fresh kitesurfing winds for Corporate Benefits

Discover how fresh kitesurfing winds can revolutionize corporate benefits! Enhance employee satisfaction with subsidized subscriptions & exciting team events. Contact us today!

Fresh kitesurfing winds for Corporate Benefits

Are you also of the opinion that traditional corporate benefits such as gas vouchers and fruit baskets are no longer contemporary? Do you also wish for something more innovative and personal for your employees?

Dahoam im inntal x salty lemon

Then we have good news. Salty Lemon and the “Dahoam im Inntal” Group have entered a cooperation to solve just the named problems. This cooperation aims to offer employees exclusive products and services related to water sports and kitesurfing. Dahoam im Inntal sees itself as a pioneer in bringing fresh wind into the company through supposedly unusual means and thus positioning itself sustainably with motivated employees for the future.

“We are thrilled to have found a partner in Salty Lemon that enables us to offer something more extraordinary alongside traditional employee benefits. Our philosophy is to see the well-being of our employees as the key to business success. We invest in their development and create a working environment that promotes their satisfaction and motivation. As managing director of “Hausverwaltung Sägmühle GmbH”, I am proud to enable innovative perspectives and strengthen our digitization, quality, employee development, and social engagement pillars. Committed and satisfied employees are the basis for our success. Our goals are strong bonding and high motivation, so we strive to create added value through excellent employer benefits.

The main component of this partnership is a cost-effective and service-oriented kite equipment subscription that makes it easier for employees to get started in the sport without major financial hurdles. Thanks to the employer’s subsidy through the tax-free non-cash benefit, the rental price for employees becomes even more attractive. Other exclusive benefits include free equipment exchange during the rental period and a fair buy-out option at the end of the term. In addition, when employees sign up for a subscription, they will receive the popular and handcrafted Salty Lemon Gin or a Crew T-shirt free of charge.

“Besides subsidizing the kite equipment subscription, we see great potential in holding a team event at the kite spot through Salty Lemon. We want to create a space where the entire workforce can get to know each other better, separated from the office routine and grow through new challenges,” Stapleton-Hain continues. “We hope to positively impact the well-being and motivation of our employees and are proud to offer them the opportunity to discover their passion for kitesurfing.”

Normal and ordinary corporate benefits certainly still have their justification and are an essential part of offering the workforce added value beyond the usual remuneration.

However, exploring new opportunities and increasing employee engagement and satisfaction with “out of the box” offerings is becoming increasingly important.

If you are also interested in bringing fresh wind into your company, please contact us at [email protected] and receive a tailored offer based on your needs.

Let’s rethink corporate benefits together and revolutionize the working world. We look forward to it!


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