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Experience report from a Salty Rider


Experience report from a Salty Rider

Embark on a thrilling journey with 16-year-old Caspar Zauner as he recounts his unforgettable kitesurfing adventure across Europe, powered by Salty Lemon's exceptional gear. From the versatile Core Nexus kites to the dynamic Fusion 4, discover how this unique collaboration enhanced his skills and delivered extraordinary experiences at every turn. Whether battling solid winds in Spain or achieving new heights in Portugal, Caspar's story is a testament to the spirit of adventure and the quality of Salty Lemon's equipment. Dive into this inspiring tale of a young kitesurfer's journey to mastery and unforgettable moments.

Experience report from a Salty Rider

In the following, I would like to share my experiences with you and give insight into my collaboration with Salty Lemon.

In a nutshell

Let’s start at the beginning of my adventure. My name is Caspar Zauner, and I am 16 years old. I was born in Munich, and my family and I spent six weeks in a camper van last summer.

At the beginning of our journey, we were still seeking kite gear to accompany us, so my father and I devised the idea to rent from Salty Lemon. After contacting them, we had a few conversations that quickly led to the idea that we could collaborate. Salty Lemon was keen to accompany us in kite gear to support me on my adventure.

After deciding that the pre-season subscription would suit me and my needs best, the gear was sent right to my doorstep. Our trip started at home in Munich, taking us to several kite spots in Spain all the way to Portugal.

Over the next six weeks, I explored incredible spots with my kite equipment and collected the most amazing memories.

My kite package

Salty Lemon equipped me with a Core Nexus 2 in 12sqm and 9sqm and a Core Fusion 4 for the Portugal trip.

I chose the Nexus because it is an incredible all-round kite. This kite was perfect for me as we visited various kite spots in varying conditions.


Meanwhile, I opted for the Fusion 4 because I had ridden the Fusion 2 in recent years. The Fusion already had ultimately won me over. Salty Lemon advised me on these decisions by discussing various factors such as height, weight, riding ability, kite and board experience, goals, and personal wishes. I also opted for a pre-season, i.e., a kite subscription with last-season kite equipment, as it was more suitable for me. In my case, the general consultation took place via video call, as I entered into a genuine cooperation with Salty Lemon, and there was always more to discuss than just the kite package itself. At this point, I should mention that an average customer would have a regular phone call rather than a video call to discuss the kite package.


Overall, I was happy with my kite package. Initially, I was unsure about the Nexus, as this was my first time flying it. Therefore, I had doubts about the big air abilities this kite held. But in the end, the Nexus convinced me in all areas, as it has an incredible low-end, it positions itself perfectly at the edge of the wind window, and I even managed my first kite loops. I was able to break my personal record!

What surprised me about the Core Nexus in size 9 was that it was not just a freeride kite but also a kite capable of doing loops.

I achieved a hangtime of 9.9 seconds with the kite, which is above average by my standards.


However, I was most impressed by the Nexus in size 12, as its special C-shape makes it incredibly easy to turn, which means you can also have a lot of fun in light wind conditions. I also liked the Fusion 4, as it was the first time I felt like I could really push the edge in when jumping. This gave me an extra boost when jumping. The only criticism I have is the handling of the Fusion 4, as I found it challenging.

If I were to go on this trip again, I might make a small change to the material as I would like to try the XR or XR pro in a smaller size to jump even higher. But I would still choose the Fusion 4 and the Core Nexus in size 12.

Our Salty Rider reports

Something I will remember for a long time and probably tell my children about happened on our intermediate spot in France, as we suddenly had 20-30 knots one evening. However, we had already been kiting all day, so my dad and I were still deciding about going out on the water for yet another session. However, the number of knots convinced us, and we decided to do a sunset session. It was the best decision we could have made! We couldn’t have wished for better conditions with flat water, a constant 20 knots, and a blood-orange sun setting on the horizon.

Caspars Blog Article

Successful kitesurfing with Salty Lemon: Conclusion

To sum up, the trip was a huge success and an experience that I will never forget. The equipment and handling with Salty Lemon worked flawlessly, enabling me to learn new tricks and generally become more confident. 

Do you also want to become a Salty Rider? Then get in touch with us!

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Hey there, I’m Emilia, a 24-year-old adventure enthusiast with a passion for kitesurfing and a knack for surfing both on and off the water. When I’m not immersed in the world of digital marketing as a Social Media Manager at Salty Lemon, you can find me soaring through the skies at the Baltic Sea.
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