Freedom, euphoria, happiness – the emotions that come over us kitesurfers as soon as we are back on the water. Fascinated by the feeling of being carried by the power of the wind, gliding over the water and becoming one with the elements of water and air, we let our inner, unconscious feelings drift to embrace every single second of the moment.  

To be able to feel the described emotions to the fullest, the right kite equipment is crucial. Eagerly awaiting your next kite session, you dive into the variety of offers and play with the idea of either renting equipment locally, buying used equipment or buying completely new equipment.  


In the following we will show you what to consider for all three options:  



You want to get up relaxed, drive to the spot in the morning without a lot of hassle and select the equipment that suits the day? To enjoy the full flexibility and comfort of getting the latest equipment for the upcoming kite session, renting the equipment directly at the kite base would be the best option.   


Depending on the wind and weather conditions, you may be dependent on certain sizes, so if demand is high, the right equipment for you may not be available. In addition, the prices are often very expensive, so it is actually only worthwhile to go on the water on a few days a year. But if the kite fever has caught you and you want to go on the water more often in the year, than your money will be gone faster than you can say send it.  



Sure, the Germans are world champions in occupying the best pool beds very early in the morning. It’s a similarly great feeling to be able to hold the latest kite equipment in your hands and take your first maiden voyage. The only problem? The equipment is of course very expensive. It is like buying a new car… the kitesurfing gear is affected by a strong price drop after first use. Once it touches the road or gets a taste of the ocean air, you get significantly less money when you resell it.  For the newest equipment you can expect exorbitantly high prices, so it makes sense to wait a bit. However, if you have the money to spare, then go ahead and grab all the gear you need.   


But hey, let’s be honest – if you buy the ‘1 year equipment’ you will still shine with your newest kite gear next year at the spot 😉   



Facebook groups, Marketplace, or friends; the most common ways to get your used gear. Did we get you? No problem, you’re a smart guy and probably got the best value out of it.  

To help you out, we’d like to share a few things with you to keep in mind:  


Long Story Short – with this option you have to intensively observe the supply and demand. In addition, do a lot of research and have a pinch of luck so that you can get the best price-performance ratio for yourself. 

In the end, it’s not rocket science and an acceptable effort to enjoy incredible kite sessions. However, if the above options have caused you rejection & fatigue instead of enthusiasm, we might have a little treat for you: 



With all the options listed, are you still unsure what is right for you? What equipment do I need? What do I do if the sport is not mine and I have to sell again? What if all this is way too expensive for me right now and I don’t want to go through all the hassle? And what is happening if my equipment is damaged?   

Questions over questions… 


Want to try it with Salty Lemon 

We from Salty Lemon mix together with you an equipment cocktail tailored to you and your needs. Ingredients? Only what you need and want to have and without a huge initial investment. Of course, the latest equipment is included, and everything is covered by our insurance – worldwide.     


Sounds too good to be true? Not at all!  


Too much information at once? Take a deep breath. Re-read the article or book an appointment with one of our experts and let us advise you personally. We are pleased to help you and get you on the water as soon as possible.   




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