Combining New Work Approaches with Kitesurfing

Combining New Work Approaches with Kitesurfing

Combining New Work Approaches with Kitesurfing


The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the topic of New Work and its approaches into focus for many employers. The importance of transforming the work environment according to the needs and wishes of employees, bringing focus in employer branding, developing an environment which is value-oriented and coming up with innovative and agile ways to contribute sustainably to the companies long-term strategy.

Especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, millennials and Gen Zs think differently about the New Work approaches and stress the importance of focusing on well-being and mental health. According to Deloitte, millennial business leaders are aiming to ensure a life balance, supporting employees’ physical and mental health, supporting people’s development and helping employees to be their true selves as their top four non-financial business priorities.

Furthermore, the pandemic forced us to switch to a completely digital workflow. In doing so, when workers operate digitally rather than physically, the location is less important than how the task is completed. Individual ways of living and working at a variety of locations is doable and are innovative ideas on how to manage one’s life nowadays.


What comes after the pandemic? How will the work environment of tomorrow change?

McKinsey summarizes, that the work environment is undergoing a major structural shift changing the traditional way of working to hybrid and remote work environments. However, mostly highly skilled and educated people will have the opportunity to work remotely “More than 20 percent of the workforce could work remotely three to five days a week as effectively as they could if working from an office”. If remote works becomes even more popular as it is now, there would be three to four times as many employees working from home as there were before the epidemic.


How can Salty Lemon support this transition?

We know the struggle of being stuck in corporate jobs, travelling for work implies most of the time lots of stress, so that leisure falls behind. When working in a remote environment, either from home or a place of your choice, you might want to include an activity into your daily agenda in order to stay motivated.

Therefore, we thought about combining New Work with kitesurfing. With our Pick n Kite product, you can travel to one of our partner’s locations around the work where you have access to the latest kite equipment through your Kite-Abo directly at the spot. There is no need to carry all the luggage to the destination. Just take your luggage and work equipment, set up your remote office and enjoy a morning, lunch or after-work kite session. With these actions employees can maintain a healthy work-life balance as well support their physical and mental health. We want you to explore the country, culture, nature with pure enjoyment.

What are you waiting for? Tell your employers that you are already off to the next adventure. They might join you!


Choose the right balance – choose Salty Lemon.


About the Author

Meet Stefan, the co-founder of Salty Lemon, who swapped his corporate job for a kite dream. From kitesurfing on Fuerteventura’s shores at 14 to navigating corporate waters at Vattenfall, he united passion and profession by launching Salty Lemon with his partner Timo. No regrets, just waves of flavor and a zest for life.

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