With us, you don’t need to worry about malfunctions or damage. We only send you the latest and greatest kite gear from our favorite brands.

You desire the latest kite gear but want to avoid high upfront cost? With us you only need to pay a monthly subscription based on the chosen kite package and duration.

It doesn`t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro. Our packages are tailored around your needs. We have a very flexible 3 month try out or go with a very cost-efficient 24-month long term lease. You’re looking for something in between? No problem, we got the flexibility you need.

Something wrong with your kite gear? No problem, we insure it, fix it and replace it if necessary. Leaving you only with one thing: go kiting!

No matter the issue. We’re here for you. Ready to help, handle and resolve any challenges you may be facing. We’re here to make the most out of your kitesurfing experience.

You want to swap to a smaller board or from twintip to surfboard? No problem! With Salty Lemon your gear can grow with your skill level and style of riding.

Tired of carrying your kite gear everywhere? Fed up with huge luggage fees for your flights? Anxious about losses or damages during your transfer?

Welcome to Salty Lemon Pick n Kite. With us you can enjoy kite surfing at the best spots, with the latest gear around the world. Without the hassles. Without the admin. Pure enjoyment.

Pick n Kite Gear:

  • Core & Duotone
  • Kite + Bar
  • Board
  • Harness
  • Wetsuit

Additional Services:

  • Latest kite gear
  • All-day kite gear swap
  • Individual Advice based on your kite skills
  • Local spot knowledge
  • Practical tips and tricks
  • Kite-launch service


Everybody likes using gear that is in good condition, and we want to reward you for looking after the gear you rent from Salty Lemon. If something breaks, don’t worry about it – we have it covered. But we also want to give something back to you for taking care of your gear. After your returned gear has been assessed, we’ll assign the appropriate Salty Reward.
We reward you for looking after your equipment. When you return gear that’s been well-looked after, we could reward you with some handcrafted gin, Pick N Kite days, or an additional kite or board swap.
This gin was developed by surfers for surfers - for kiters, windsurfers, surfers, standup paddlers and all the other water lovers in the world.

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