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The IKON is the beginning of a new era in high performance freestyle & freeride. The accomplishment of this ultra light carbon board is to unite a very direct feel and explosive pop with a soft flex pattern. Despite the huge amount of used carbon, the Ikon comes with high level of comfort and yet maximises all the positive characteristics of the carbon construction. To further minimise the weight, a core made of paulownia and balsa wood has been used. The ultra light feeling of the board is perfect for tricks like dark slides, board offs and everybody who enjoys rotating with close to nothing on his feet! The direct feeling of the carbon board will give you the most precise pop to launch into your highest jumps. The precision of the pop is further increased by the double concave and the complex channel construction. If aiming for your next WOO record you also want to be sure the landings are perfectly soft. The unique flex pattern truly ensures these soft landings you have always dreamed of on previous carbon constructions! Despite the forgiving flex, the IKON also opted for a forgiving outline similar to the POLAR. This outline enhances a very smooth ride even in choppy conditions and allows you to always find a perfect take-off.   Find more about the IKON at Kold Shapes

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Additional information


Kold Shapes


134x40cm, 137x41cm, 140×42,5cm


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