CORE - Pump 2.0

The Pump Champ

Innovative kite pump with significant improvements: The pump run is considerably less friction, which makes inflating the kite noticeably easier and faster.

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CORE Pump 2.0 L/XL

The Pump Champ

Completely redesigned CORE Pump 2.0. The all-black model has a longer pump body, a more pronounced handle, a thicker hose and an arrow-shaped stand. The biggest innovations, however, are on the inside: The pump action is significantly lower friction, making inflating the kite noticeably easier and faster. A very special treat is also the brand new “sand guard”, whose membrane makes it much more difficult for grains of sand to penetrate the intake opening – and thus protects not only the pump, but also the bladder of the kite. Thanks to enclosed adapters, the new CORE Pump 2.0 not only ventilates CORE kites, but also many other common valve systems.



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