CORE – 720



Rotations that defy gravity? Check!
This strapless machine playfully defies the laws of physics and features a new underbody construction based on the successful shapes of COREs best-selling Twintips. The 720 Surfboard – now even more robust and, above all, significantly lighter than its predecessor.
What’s new?
A lot! The new V-shaped underbody construction in the tail area is flanked by a continuous quad concave, which significantly increases control during the ride. At the heart of the epoxy construction is an EPS core with no stringers. The 720’s carbon footprint is reduced through the use of bio-resins and plastics made from recycled plastic bottles. Explosive aerials, a highly comfortable ride and gravity-defying rotations. These are the captivating features of the all-new 720.
Who is the 720 for?
Do you prefer strapless sessions? Feeling inspired at the thought of a flawless 720? Do you often experience mediocre wind and wave conditions at your spot? If you can answer yes to all these questions, the 720 is an excellent choice for you. Despite its compact dimensions, its flat rocker curve makes it a true light wind matador that will get you planing super early. 720. The ultimate solution for radical aerials, light wind and small waves.   Learn more at Core Kites

Additional information

Additional information




4ft 11in, 5ft 1in, 5ft 3in


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